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We have all learned some hard lessons since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. At this point, we have all become accustomed to ways of preventing the spread of this pathogen, such as social distancing, vigorous handwashing, mask-wearing in public, and keeping our homes and work areas clean and disinfected. All these precautions have become the new normal for us.

Thankfully, most people in the animal care industry already have a leg up on all of this. The requirement of keeping animal patients and guests safe during exams, procedures, and kennelling was added, and most local vet clinics were prepared. However, vet practices also faced new challenges from COVID-19, and that’s where electrostatic sprayers enter and save the day.

Disinfecting Challenges During COVID-19 for a Vet Practice

With many veterinary disinfectants capable of taking out some tough pathogens already, animal care facilities did indeed have an advantage when it came to keeping their facilities both clean and disinfected. However, there were some serious challenges that even vet offices faced thanks to COVID-19, specifically because this was a human-borne disease, something that most veterinary care centres didn’t have protocols for.

Vet offices had to pivot, and quickly, to find better and more efficient ways to disinfect areas of their facilities frequented by people. Suddenly, being faced with the prospect of having to clean and disinfect pet parent waiting rooms, reception desks, and internal staff areas where there was little to no animal exposure meant a major sea change had to take place. It turns out that using an electrostatic disinfectant sprayer is ideal for this situation.

How Electrostatic Sprayers Work

Here’s a simple science experiment to demonstrate the concept; rub a balloon on your head to build up a static charge. It would cause the balloon to “stick” to the wall. Electrostatic sprayers do the same thing just on a different scale. Electrostatic sprayers, such as the Victory electrostatic sprayers, apply an even coating of liquid disinfectant that quickly and efficiently penetrates surfaces deeper and coats them more evenly than a simple spray bottle.

This is made possible by the sprayer providing an electrostatic charge to the cleaning solution before it exits the spray nozzle giving it a 360-degree wraparound effect. Just spray from the front, and it will disinfect the back as well.

How Electrostatic Sprayers Are Better at Disinfecting

There are so many different advantages to using electrostatic sprayers for disinfection. First, penetration and adherence are much higher than traditional cleaning methods, thanks to the electrostatic charge of the cleaning solution. In fact, each charged droplet has an attractive force about 15 times greater than gravity. Additionally, the amount of time and energy saved by disinfecting with an electrostatic sprayer is considerable. A conventional sprayer might take up to 24 minutes to treat an 800-square foot room, while an electrostatic sprayer takes closer to 5 minutes.

Remember, the final goal of keeping your vet clinic as clean and disinfected as possible is to protect your animal patients and, in the time of COVID-19, their human parents as well. Besides these reasons, you also have to keep your staff and yourself safe and healthy. Hence, you need to make sure the best cleaning and disinfection methods are being used. If you are looking for the best, an electrostatic disinfectant sprayer is an ideal choice.

What Is Electrostatic Disinfection?

Electrostatic disinfection uses a specialised sprayer to ensure the complete disinfecting coverage as possible. Electrostatic sprayers take the disinfectant solution inside of them and combine them with air, use an electrode inside the sprayer nozzle to give them an electric charge. Once charged, the disinfectant is sprayed onto surfaces. The positively charged disinfectant bonds with any negatively charged surface. This creates a more even and complete coat of disinfectant, helping to kill any pathogens on the surface.

The positively charged molecules in the spray repel each other, helping the spray cover its target thoroughly and completely. They also stick to the surface they’re applied to by virtue of the electric charges drawing them together. This technology is tried and tested, and other industries have used it for decades with good effects.

Electrostatic spray technology is used to paint cars, making sure that the paint is applied evenly in even the toughest places to reach. This electrostatic technology has been applied to disinfecting as well, providing another option that can evenly and thoroughly apply disinfectant to surfaces.

How Does Electrostatic Disinfection Work?

The electrostatic sprayer itself doesn’t disinfect all on its own. It has to be filled with a disinfectant. However, once you do that, it can help the spray reach places it could never reach on its own. The positive charge causes the spray to strongly adhere to any surface its sprayed on, ensuring a thorough coat. Electrostatic sprayers are far more efficient than a spray bottle or a cloth when applied by a professional.

The coverage that they provide is much less prone to human error than other methods. Because of the way the spray wraps around and coats surfaces, it’s possible to disinfect areas that no other method can reach.

Is Electrostatic Disinfection Effective?

Electrostatic disinfection is very effective as long as an appropriate disinfectant is used with it. There’s no other disinfection method that can coat surfaces so evenly or so completely because the disinfectant is ionically charged and sticks to the target. Due to this quality, less disinfectant is wasted. With a typical spray bottle, you lose a lot of disinfectant as spray drifts from the target and settles in places that aren’t helpful. Electrostatic disinfection means you’re never paying to spray the air.

An electrostatic sprayer can completely cover even the most hard-to-reach nooks and crannies with disinfectant. It can fully disinfect a shared terminal keyboard in a high-traffic area. It can reach bacterial colonies that may be hiding in the curves of a walker or a wheelchair. It can also spray larger surface areas, and you can feel secure knowing that the electrostatic spray will provide wide, complete coverage. Not only can it achieve greater coverage, but it can also do so in less time, saving effort and money even as it gets better results.

Of course, disinfecting isn’t as effective when done by itself. Cleaning and disinfecting together are the best way to keep a work environment safe from the spread of disease. Disinfecting an unclean surface by itself isn’t effective. It destroys bacteria on the surface layer, but bacteria and viruses under the top layer of dirt or grime can survive. Proper procedures can help you see the best results from the effort that you put into cleaning and disinfecting.

What Are the Benefits of Electrostatic Disinfection Over Other Methods?

Electrostatic disinfection makes the cleaning and disinfecting process smoother in many ways. Most of these are just matters of convenience. However, others can make your disinfection process safer and more comprehensive. Some of the benefits include:

  • Less time and effort for greater disinfectant coverage of large areas
  • Thorough disinfecting of places that are hard to reach (or impossible) with other methods
  • Controlling and preventing the spread of viruses like influenza, HIV, MRSA, COVID-19, and others (when an appropriate disinfectant is used)
  • Tighter control over where the spray goes means less waste and less chance of overusing your disinfectant
  • The even layer of spray disinfects and dries without needing to be wiped off, which means your cleaning team can disinfect surfaces without ever having to touch them

Besides that, you will also get all the protection that comes with disinfecting in general, which include:

  • Decreased risk of liability because someone got sick at your place of business
  • Decreased risk of workplace illness creating service disruptions
  • Increased trust from customers, who know that you care enough to invest in their well-being
  • Increased trust from employees who see you looking out for them

Is Electrostatic Disinfection a Good Option for Your Business?

Electrostatic disinfection is a great option for any business with high-traffic areas, high-touch equipment, lots of surface area requiring disinfection, and lots of nooks and crannies that need to be disinfected. In fairness, that describes most businesses. If you think you would see benefits, you’re probably right about that. However, here are some examples of places that can particularly benefit from disinfecting with an electrostatic sprayer:

  • Schools
  • Office complexes
  • Doctors’ offices, hospitals, outpatient centres, and other medical facilities
  • Gyms and fitness centres
  • Commercial kitchens and restaurants
  • Transit such as subway cars and aeroplanes

Any place of business where having a sanitary environment is important, or any workplace where there’s equipment like computer keyboards that have many places for germs to hide can benefit from disinfecting with an electrostatic sprayer.

The disinfectants used in electrostatic sprayers are safe for operators and people present in the area sprayed. After the disinfectant has dried, the space is safe for people and animals alike. Electrostatic sprayers are safe to use around surfaces like wood and electronics, but you shouldn’t spray them directly onto those surfaces without spot-testing them first. As these sprays contain water, you don’t want them getting inside computer towers, for example.

Of course, as effective as electrostatic disinfection can be, it’s only as useful as the disinfectants inside of it. If you want to protect your workplace from infectious diseases, it is important to use a disinfectant that is approved by the EPA to do so. Infection Prevention Ireland are approved distributors in Ireland for the Victory electrostatic sprayers &TECcare Antimicrobial Technologies range of eco-friendly hospital grade disinfectant solutions. Our supply chain is in place, and we are the fastest route available in Ireland to securing this groundbreaking infection prevention & control system.

We are now delivering the new standard in infection control and prevention in Ireland. By using the winning combination of our electrostatic sprayers & eco-friendly disinfectant solution, you are ensuring any surface you spray is disinfected to a hospital-grade, and you are delivering infection prevention & control more effectively, more efficiently and with greater speed resulting in the elimination of viruses and pathogens on contact.

Infection Prevention Ireland’s aim is to help our communities, our frontline emergency services, homeowners, business owners, institutions, and organisations to safeguard, fight back, eliminate and kill dangerous viruses and pathogens.

Will Electrostatic Disinfection Effectively Disinfect Surfaces Against COVID-19?

Protecting your business from COVID-19 is serious work. One of the most important parts of that work is prevention, and steps like mandating masks, and educating your employees on appropriate handwashing procedures go a long way in achieving that.

Another important piece is to use disinfectants that are strong enough to tackle it. Electrostatic disinfection can play an incredibly important part in helping to fight against COVID-19. It can cover large swaths of your high-traffic areas quickly, and electrostatic spray can reach places that no other disinfecting tool can. As the spray applies evenly and dries on its own, cleaning crews can disinfect without ever touching the surfaces they’re disinfecting. That means there’s little to no risk of your cleaning crew inadvertently spreading the germs they’re trying to fight.

Whether your business needs to fight germs in keyboards, disinfecting hospital rooms, or simply keeping spaces like lifts and meeting rooms free of COVID-19, an electrostatic sprayer can be a powerful tool for disinfecting.

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