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The COVID-19 virus has wreaked havoc around the world and forced businesses to take drastic measures as they slowly open their doors and try to regain some semblance of normalcy. Businesses are working hard to ensure employees and customers aren’t getting sick with the virus, and proper social distancing measures are in place.

Nowadays, it has become imperative that you safeguard your workplace from any infection and provide your employees with a healthy work environment. The colder months are here now, and with the second wave of coronavirus, there is a good chance that you can contract the virus in your office if you’re not vigilant. So, how do you keep yourself in good health and prevent the spread of the virus in the workplace?

We are going to be sharing some of the best tips for keeping your office healthy and ensuring that you remain safe from COVID-19 in the workplace. As always, it is important that you practice good hygiene and implement proper infection and disinfection protocols in the workplace. To help you out, here are some of the best practices that you can employ to keep your office work environment healthy.

Use Sanitising Wipes to Keep Your Office Healthy

You must invest in a package of sanitising wipes and distribute them around the office. Make sure that employees are keeping their sanitising wipes at their desk, and make it a practice to ensure that everyone is wiping down their workstations before they start their day. It is important to pay attention to the “hotspots”, or the areas that are frequently touched, which include:

  • The phone
  • Light switch
  • Keyboard
  • Desktop
  • Mouse

You should also sanitise frequently used office supplies such as staples and scissors. According to a recent study, the average worker’s desk contains nearly 21,000 germs per square inch, compared to the 49 germs per square inch found on an office toilet seat.

Wash Your Hands Regularly

Of course, you should wash your hands regularly, but it is even more important that you do so after you visit the bathroom. You must also pay attention to the length of time you are spending washing your hands. It is recommended that you should wash your hands for a minimum of 20 seconds, but you should make 30 seconds your goal to be on the safe side.

Scrub your hands thoroughly with soap and warm water, so that you completely dislodge any organisms from the surface of your skin. Also, hand washing isn’t just for after you use the bathroom. If you move throughout the office during the day, or come and go for lunch and breaks, wash your hands after you do so. It’s easy to pick up germs from door handles and other surfaces as you move about the building.

Wear Masks and Gloves in the Workplace

One way to prevent the spread of germs in the workplace during the current pandemic is to ensure that every employee is wearing an appropriate face mask and gloves on their hands. This will ensure that the spread of germs in the workplace is minimised and that no one is at risk from the infection. It is important that when you get to the workplace, you don’t take off your mask and that you put on your gloves whenever you are touching a surface.

It is important that everyone in the workplace follows the same rules, and also maintains a safe distance from each other. This will ensure that even if employees are sick or are feeling symptoms of sickness, they will not be infecting each other in the workplace. Furthermore, when employees are wearing masks and gloves while working, they will be ensuring that they are practising good hygiene practices in the workplace, which will combine to make the workplace a healthier place.

Avoid Visibly Sick People

Every office has the die-hard person who refuses to stay home, even when it’s clear they should be in their bed and not at their desk. Do your best to steer clear of anyone that has a constant cough or a clear running nose. If you must come into contact with that person, be sure to wash your hands immediately afterwards.

You can also inform the HR or the management if someone is clearly sick or down with the flue and still in the workplace. In times like these, one can only be so careful, and you must ensure that the office remains a germ-free and healthy environment for every employee. So anyone that has is sick or is showing symptoms of being sick must be asked to leave the office and work from home until they get better. This will ensure that no other work is infected with the virus.

Open Windows to Allow Ventilation of Fresh Air

You need to ensure that there are no germs or dirt particles left in the workplace, and that means implementing good ventilation practices. For that, you must ensure that you keep all windows open so that air can circulate within the office and no bacteria is trapped inside the workplace. The air inside the office plays a massive role in ensuring whether the office is healthy or not. Therefore, make sure that you let in some fresh air every morning so that when your employees get in, they don’t feel stuffy or fall sick.

Fresh air also has a positive effect on the mood of the employees, and by keeping the windows in your office open, you will also allow sunlight to filter in. That will provide everyone with a mood lift and ensure that they are working productively throughout the workday. Apart from providing your employees with a clean and safe working environment, you must ensure that it is also healthy, and there is nothing better for health than fresh air and sunshine.

Stay Home When You’re Sick

Turnabout is fair play since you’re not going to keep your office healthy if you bring your own germs in with you to the workplace. If you must go to work, be careful to cover your mouth and nose with a mask and ensure that you don’t cough and sneeze near someone. You should also sanitise your workspace and wash your hands frequently. Also, avoid touching your co-workers whenever possible, and if you have the opportunity, ask the management to allow you to work from home until you are feeling better.

There is no point going into work and risk infecting the rest of the employees with your germ, as that is counterproductive and also endangering other people’s lives. So, if you feel as if you are coming down with the virus or that you’re about to get sick, inform your workplace that you will not be able to come in and that they make arrangements for that day and all the days you can’t make it to work.

Stick to Healthy Habits

If you start out healthy, you’re less susceptible to illness and won’t fall sick that often. You should focus on drinking plenty of water, eating healthy foods rich in vitamins, and be sure that you are getting an adequate amount of rest every night. You can even start an office-wide initiative to get healthy together by holding regular exercise classes that meet at the office, ensuring there is healthy food for meetings, and that there is a water cooler installed to ensure that the staff is well hydrated.

It is important to create a culture of healthy habits that might stave off illness, and that starts by implementing healthy habits into your own lifestyle. So, make sure that you are making every effort to follow a healthy lifestyle and are following healthy habits regularly. This will ensure that you remain on top of your health and set a good example for fellow employees to follow in your footsteps.

Talk to HR about Education to Keep Your Office Healthy

You must also try to get the HR in your office on board to keep maintaining a healthy office environment for everyone. See if your HR department has considered educational campaigns to keep employees informed on how to keep your office healthy. Some of the examples could include:

  • Articles in employee newsletters
  • Handwashing posters in the bathrooms
  • Encouraging employees to wear masks
  • Provide extra tissue boxes and hand sanitiser throughout the office
  • Disinfect high-touch areas around the office such as vending machines
  • Ask sick employees to take the day off or work from home

Maintaining a safe and healthy working environment in the office requires a team effort from the management and the employees. Therefore, it is important that the HR department holds regular sessions about healthy practices in the workplace to educate everyone.

Electrostatic Spraying for Disinfection of All Surfaces

It is also important that the workplace implements a suitable strategy for eliminating bacteria and dangerous pathogens. That is why it is important to consider electrostatic spraying, which has been proven to give much better disinfectant cover than standard electric sprayers or hand pump sprayers.

The electrostatic sprayers use proven electrostatic technology within the sprayer mechanism to electrify or positively charge the chemical disinfectant twice inside the sprayer. This makes the fine spray positively charged, and the effects of this cause the fine spray to be attracted to all surfaces it is pointed at, ensuring a cleaner and healthier environment.

This is important because when the atomised disinfectants are in the air, the positively charged disinfectant droplets repel each other and spread out even further and then adhere to all surfaces which they are attracted to. This positive electric charge makes the disinfectant mist cover all exposed surfaces from the front, back and sides, giving a 3D coating on all the surfaces and objects.

The coating dries in 10 minutes, leaving a protective barrier on the surface which kills all pathogens on it and stops any new ones sticking to it and surviving there. This stops the spread of COVID-19 and any other pathogens from spreading by touch. All other electric sprayers and hand pump sprayers do not electrically charge or atomise the chemical disinfectant and therefore, have far less coverage and protection.


It is important that you stay vigilant about the current pandemic and provide your employees with a healthy working environment. The above-mentioned best practices for keeping your office healthy have been shared to ensure that you can follow them to the letter. The most important step is practising good infection control and prevention protocols. That is where electrostatic disinfection is the best course of action for your business.

Infection Prevention Ireland are approved distributors in Ireland for the Victory electrostatic sprayers &TECcare Antimicrobial Technologies range of eco-friendly hospital grade disinfectant solutions. Our supply chain is in place, and we are the fastest route available in Ireland to securing this groundbreaking infection prevention & control system. We are now delivering the new standard in infection control and prevention in Ireland.

By using the winning combination of our electrostatic sprayers & eco-friendly disinfectant solution, you are ensuring any surface you spray is disinfected to a hospital-grade, and you are delivering infection prevention & control more effectively, more efficiently and with greater speed resulting in the elimination of viruses and pathogens on contact.

Infection Prevention Ireland’s aim is to help our communities, our frontline emergency services, homeowners, business owners, institutions, and organisations to safeguard, fight back, eliminate and kill dangerous viruses and pathogens.

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