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Rensair Portable Hospital-grade Air Purification For All Spaces

Portable hospital-grade air purifier developed for Scandinavian hospitals, and trusted by businesses globally.

The World Health Organization now advises that Covid is primarily transmitted by inhaling airborne droplets called aerosols.

Rensair traps and destroys 99.97% of airborne aerosols bacteria and viruses, including the Coronavirus family.

Infection Prevention Ireland and Rensair offer special rates to schools and registered charities when ordering multiple machines so please call us if you need the best air purification for your school or charity.

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Where Can Rensair Portable Air Purification Units Be Used?


The Rensair portable hospital-grade air purification units can be safely and effectively used in any space where clean and purified air is important to the health of people in that space.

That means that a portable Rensair unit can be used practically everywhere, from homes to schools to large and small offices, retail, hospitality, health and fitness, beauty salons, all educational facilities and organisations including all public buildings.

Rensair portable air purification units deliver hospital-grade air purification at a very affordable price point, which is well below some of the overpriced competing brands which do not meet the purified air output volumes and air quality delivered by the Rensair units.

Rensair portable air purification units only use the proven, tested, and certified technologies which guarantee the safe removal and destruction of 99.97% of harmful airborne particles including allergens, bacteria, and viruses from the air we all breathe.

The Irish government have issued guidelines on ventilation in schools in which they recommend the use of H13 HEPA filters and the safe use of UVC. Both of these technologies are incorporated into the Rensair units in a patented configuration that guarantees the delivery of very high volumes of purified safe air in any sized indoor space.

You can download the Irish Government guidelines here to see what they have recommended. (download) 

Another very important consideration when deciding on which air purification system you are going to use is ongoing operational costs. A Rensair unit uses about the same amount of electricity as a modern fridge in your kitchen.

The Rensair HEPA filter and enclosed UVC light have a 9,000-hour life. That means if you are running your unit 24 hours a day, you will only need to change the filter and light after one year’s use. The cost of replacing the H13 Rensair HEPA filter and UVC light (filter kit) is very inexpensive.

When the filter units need to be changed, they can be changed by anyone in five minutes. There is no need for any special PPE or safety clothing needed during the operation because the interior of every unit is completely sterilised by the daily operation of the machine.

If you are only using the Rensair unit for 8 hours a day you will get up to three years of use before you need to replace the filter kit.

Another very important consideration is the warranty you get with Rensair, every Rensair unit comes with a manufacturer’s warranty for 12 months. In the unlikely event that you have an issue with a Rensair unit, we can have a replacement delivered to you within 3 to 4 days.

Rensair units when treated and properly maintained have a long operational life expectancy. There are original Rensair air purifications units still running and working perfectly after 15 years of service.

Another super feature of the Rensair units is that they are completely portable and can easily be moved from room to room or to wherever they are needed to purify the air in a building.




Why Use Rensair Portable Hospital-grade Air Purification?

Rensair traps and destroys more than 99.97% of airborne particles, including allergens, bacteria and viruses.

Rensair Trusted by businesses globally

Hospital-grade technology

Originally developed for Scandinavian hospitals, the Rensair patented solution uses the most advanced air purification technology. Each air purifier consists of a germicidal ozone-free UVC light placed in the centre of a cylindrical high quality H13 HEPA filter. This captures and also inactivates viruses and bacteria trapped on the filter surface.


Tested by independent laboratories

Independent worldwide leaders in science and technology have extensively tested and validated the Rensair air purifier technology. These include Eurofins, Norconsult, Oslo University Hospital, and the Danish Technological Institute.


Large cleaning capacity

Rensair cleans up to 560 m³ of air per hour. This means that one Rensair air purifier can clean a room of 230 m² with normal ceiling height per hour. Use a combination of multiple Rensair units in larger spaces to maintain the same air cleaning rate.


Effective air circulation

Rensair’s patented design and powerful fan create effective air circulation, ensuring that all air in a room is purified, as documented by the independent consultancy Norconsult.

The powerful fan pushes pre-filtered air into the cylindrical-shaped HEPA filter located in the middle of the unit. The fan creates high static air pressure in the cylinder, which pushes large volumes of air through the filter and distributes clean air at 360 degrees.


Easy to use

It takes just one person to set up a Rensair unit and no installation is required. Just turn it on to start purifying the air. Operate Rensair with controls on the machine or by using a remote. Wheel mounting makes it possible to manoeuvre the air purifier between locations.

Rensair can adapt to different countries because of the interchangeable power plug.


Safe maintenance

The sturdy metal shell makes the Rensair air purifier robust and durable for years. Pre-filters capture dust and dirt and prolong the life of the H13 HEPA filter. As a result you only need to change the HEPA filter after 9000 hours of continued use (1 year).

Rensair’s patented design featuring continued germicidal UVC illumination of the filter surface keeps the filter clean from pathogens and is therefore safe to change.

How Rensair  Air Purification Works


The Rensair air purifier sucks in the surrounding air from the top inlet perforations. Air travels through the removable pre-filters placed at the top of the machine, which catch and trap larger airborne particles and dust.

2. FAN

A powerful fan pushes the pre-filtered air down into the cylindrical shaped H13 HEPA filter located in the middle of the unit. The fan creates high static air pressure in the cylinder, which is necessary to allow sufficient air to flow through the high quality H13 HEPA filter and to boost air cleaning capacity.


As air hits the H13 HEPA filter, bacteria, viruses and smaller airborne particles and pollutants become trapped on its inner surface and held in place.


An 18w UVC lamp placed in the centre of the cylindrical drum continuously illuminates the entire filtration area. The UVC light breaks down the DNA and RNA of pathogens and thereby inactivates them. This continuous disinfection process ensures that the Rensair air purifier is always safe to operate and maintain.


Large volumes of clean air travel out of the unit via the lower perforations. The cylindrical shape of the Rensair air purifier allows air to flow out in every direction, enabling effective air circulation suitable for almost all locations.

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