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TECcare Daily Concentrate

TECcare Daily Concentrate

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Whats Included

1 litre container x 1

Total amount: 1 litre

Total coverage: 33 x 1 litre bottles of cleaner

1 litre container x 6

Total amount: 6 litres

Total coverage: 198 x 1 litre bottles of cleaner

Key Features


Nontoxic, nonirritant, nonhazardous, Readily and rapidly biodegradable, SD Sheet hazard rating (HMSI) is 000, Made from renewable raw materials, Safe for personnel, plant equipment and the environment, Excellent degreaser & solvent and chemical replacement, It is a “green product”, NonVOC acc to EU directive 1999/13/EC, Free from enzymes, acids, and phosphates, Free from alcohol & preservatives, Completely soluble in water, Effective cleaning at neutral pH, Compatable with fresh water, potable water and salt water.

What is Daily?

TECcare Daily has been designed as a cleaning agent to replace toxic and harmful chemicals that are often used for everyday cleaning and are detrimental to personnel and the environment. Daily is safe and easy to use and no specialised training is required. This product is the cost effective environmentally friendly alternative to harsh chemicals for every day cleaning.

Daily is a total rapid biodegradable cleaner with NO bioaccumulation to the environment or on surfaces, which means ZERO environmental impact! Developed to breakdown oil spills, fat, oil and grease (FOG), lipids, dried bodily fluids and organic matter by using the same adjuvent that is in all TECcare products. It is smear and streak free, non-hazardous, completely non-toxic, and free from phosphates, parabens and preservatives, and it originates from renewable sustainable organic sources. Global SDS show zero risk to skin, inhalation, eyes and requires NO PPE.


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