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AirBubbl 38i – HEPA Filter In Vehicle and Desktop Air Purifier

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AirBubbl 38i

Using advanced HEPA filter combined with nano-carbon technology AirBubbl filters out more than 99% of airborne particle and gas pollutants, pathogens and allergens. Protecting against COVID-19, harmful pollutants and allergens. Designed to be easily installed in your car. The AirBubbl can also be used indoors and on the go offering you personal, portable, powerful, protection.

airbubbl- in vehicle and desktop personal air purifier

The only portable air purifier independently tested and verified to be 99%+ effective at removing airborne human coronavirus*, dangerous particles and gas pollutants.

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Why choose AirBubbl 38i?

Take control of the air that you breathe in car, at home, work or on the go with the AirBubbl personal, portable air purifier.

'You are what you breath'

Air pollution is the world’s largest environmental health risk leading to more than 7 million premature deaths every year.

More than 90% of the world’s population is exposed to unsafe levels of air pollution and the affect is devastating to mental and physical health. Our mission is to help people take control of the air that they breathe.

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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 31 cm