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Preparing The Workplace For The Return To Work After Lockdown

Apr 29, 2020

Preparing The Workplace For The Return To Work After Lockdown


Returning to work after the Covid-19 restrictions have been reduced or lifted will come as a huge relief to everyone, not least the business owners and educators among us. Re-opening for business and for school will have the added burden of ensuring that the users of the business premises and services will have the assurance that when they enter and use the building and premises, that they are safe to use and free from the deadly pathogen/microbes, which is the Coronavirus Covid-19.

So how can those assurances be made with confidence and what procedures and actions have to be taken to achieve the desired results?


The most effective way is to minimise the microbial risks

There are two ways to minimise the risks we face from microbes such as bacteria, viruses and fungi:


1.  Let’s start with the fundamentals of hygiene which are the same as they were before the Covid-19 virus attacked us with such devastation. The fundamentals of hygiene start with good cleaning practices. Clean environments have low levels of dirt and organic matter. Dirt and organic matter are often used as a bacterial food source. Removing this food source severely limits microbial survival and growth.

Minimising the number of microbes present (microbial bioburden) reduces the risk of microbial contact and subsequent infection, contamination, spoilage or transmission throughout the environment.

2.  We have to Interrupt key transmission pathways. Stopping the movement of microbes from one area to another is a highly effective way to reduce the risks associated with microbial contact. When looking to control the spread of microbes key transmission pathways are air, water, surfaces, and hands/skin

Reducing the risks we face from microbes requires a comprehensive approach to cleaning and disinfection, combining both products and processes in order to reduce levels of dirt, organic matter and the microbes themselves. In addition measures like effective hand hygiene are recognised as being crucial in preventing the spread of microbes from one area to another and from person to person.

Uncontrolled microbial growth and dispersal can cause significant problems to individuals, organisations and industries.

Infection prevention Ireland has a mission to create the safest environments, where the microbial risk to individuals, organisations and industries is reduced to its lowest levels.

Infection Prevention Ireland concentrates and specialises in the disinfection and decontamination element of infection prevention and control. We empower and enable people and organisations to take control of their environments, by enabling them to eliminate any microbes which may be currently present there, and at the same time drastically reducing the risks of the microbes repopulating growing and reproducing in the future.

We enable this by providing businesses and organisations with the latest most effective physical technology and the antimicrobial chemical platforms, which, when combined deliver the desired  results. 

The physical technology used to apply the antimicrobial chemical disinfectant are the Victory Electrostatic Sprayers and The chemical disinfectants are TecCare Antimicrobial chemical technology platforms.


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Electrostatic Sprayers, Victory Electrostatic Sprayers, Electrostatic Sprayers Ireland, Handheld Sprayers, Backpack Sprayers, Handheld Electrostatic Sprayers, Backpack Electrostatic Sprayers, VP200ES Electrostatic Sprayer

When used in combination, they produce the highest microbial kill log rate of 6 (99.9999%) while at the same time being exceptionally user friendly and easy to use, and 70% faster to apply than traditional methods and can deliver up to 65% savings on cleaning inventory costs.

When the TECcare Ultra antimicrobial disinfectant is used it kills all microbes within two minutes of application and when it dries in under 10 minutes, it leaves a protective layer on all surfaces, both hard and soft, which then become hostile to microbes and makes it impossible for them to survive and grow, so they die, and as a consequence greatly reduces the risks of cross contamination by touch. The protective coating can last up to 28 days when used as part of the E-Shield disinfectant protocol.

When the recommended E-Shield cleaning and disinfection protocol is put in place, the environment within the building becomes an ECO friendly environment. 

Which is very safe for humans and animals, but deadly to microbes like Covid-19.

Our TECcare products are water based with No chlorine, No bleach, No odour, No alcohol, No solvents, they are Non flammable, Non corrosive, Non hazardous, Non toxic, they are food safe and fully compliant with REACH, CE, COSHH and OSHA.

See our video below this CBS News report on how businesses, schools, colleges, and Airlines in Minnesota in the USA are preparing to get back to work and how they are are using Electrostatic Sprayers paired with our eco friendly disinfectant.


If you are a business owner, school principal, care home owner/manager or any person interested in making your premises or school safer from Covid-19 for employees, staff, customers, residents, visitors, pupils, teachers, and you would like to discuss how to achieve that in the fastest and most economical way, then please feel free to lift the phone and talk to us or email us here.

Contact us direct on 085 285 6880

You can download our information ebook on ‘How to Minimise Your Microbial Risk’ here



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