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Health regulation violations are something that every business working with food wants to avoid at all costs. Unfortunately, sometimes your worst nightmares do become a reality, and you end up facing your worst fears. If your business is slapped with a health regulation violation during a routine inspection by the Environmental Health Service, don’t panic and fear the worst.

Keeping a cool head and taking quick action to deal with the situation can minimise the damage inflicted by a health regulation violation, and get your business set on the route to complete recovery as well. So, here is what you must do to ensure that you recover from a health regulation violation by the Environmental Health Service in your restaurant.

What Are Health Regulation Violations?

A health regulation violation is when a restaurant fails to adhere to the rules about food safety, hygiene, or sanitation. Health regulations were created to protect the public from the spread of foodborne illnesses and must be followed by all restaurants. These rules are enforced by restaurant health inspections by the Environmental Health Service and performed by health regulation inspectors.

Restaurants are fined for not adhering to the health regulations and can even be shut down if they make egregious mistakes. This makes it imperative for the restaurant to follow all health regulations set by the Environmental Health Service if they want to continue serving their community and avoid being shut down. During a health regulation inspection, an inspector will come to your restaurant to look for health regulation violations. In some places, inspectors announce when they’ll be visiting, while in others, their arrival is a surprise.

As you may not know when the health regulation inspector will arrive for an inspection, it is important to ensure that your restaurant is always following the latest health regulations. You should familiarise yourself with your local restaurant health inspection forms to know what the inspector is going to be looking for in their inspection.

Don’t Treat the Inspector Like Your Enemy

You need to remember that the health regulation inspector from the Environmental Health Service isn’t working against you, and isn’t eager to close your business down for good. Instead, they are working to keep the people in your community safe from potentially dangerous infections and violations against the health regulations. So, if you should get a health regulation violation, don’t immediately leap into defensive mode.

Instead, what you must do is respectfully listen to the health regulation inspector and what they have to say, keep an open mind, and ask questions to help you understand why you have received the violation in the first place. If the violation isn’t serious and insignificant enough, the inspector might even allow you to correct it before they leave your restaurant, but only if you have been open and understanding. Nobody wants to help when they are greeted with hostility.

Understand the Health Regulation Violation

Before you set about addressing the issue at hand, take the time to thoroughly review the actual health regulation violation you have been charged with by the Environmental Health Service. There are varying levels of complexity associated with health regulations, so while some might be obvious, there are others that are more nuanced.

If, for instance, you have been cited for pest issues, it’s clear that the inspector saw something that definitely doesn’t belong in your restaurant kitchens, such as mice droppings and roaches. However, if you have been cited for an issue related to your kitchen’s equipment, that may require a bit more investigating from your end.

Correct the Health Regulation Violation

Once you’ve got a clear understanding of your particular health regulation violation, it’s time to swing into action and not delay setting things right. First, you must be prepared to fully resolve the problem and ensure that it is completely dealt with. Good enough isn’t the attitude to take towards a health regulation violation by the Environmental Health Service in your restaurant.

Instead, you must be prepared to invest your time, money, and energy into making things right immediately. Do you need updated equipment? Have it professionally installed as soon as possible? Do you have a pest problem? Contact a licensed pest control professional and ask them to come in and handle the issue immediately. You should also make sure that you get to the source of the infestation to prevent it from re-occurring in your restaurant.

Buy Victory Electrostatic Sprayers for Disinfection in Your Restaurant

One of the best ways to prevent a future health regulation violation in your restaurant is to purchase the Victory electrostatic sprayers by Infection Prevention Ireland for disinfection in your restaurant. They can be used to ensure that your restaurant is properly disinfected and that everything is up to your very high standards. The combination of Victory electrostatic sprayers and TECcare antimicrobials eco-friendly solutions is deadly to viruses and pathogens. Its use will help protect your restaurant’s patrons.

Using the Victory electrostatic sprayers will ensure that the building’s floors and exterior entrances are safe from any infectious disease and will prevent any health regulation violation from occurring in your restaurant. Infection Prevention Ireland aims to help our communities, our frontline emergency services, homeowners, business owners, institutions, and organisations to safeguard, fight back, eliminate and kill dangerous viruses and pathogens.

So, make sure that you stay on top of all health regulation rules set by the Environmental Health Service for the restaurant industry to ensure that your restaurant doesn’t incur a violation during an inspection. Working with Victory electrostatic sprayers by Infection Prevention Ireland also helps you carry out your disinfection tasks, eliminating the need to employ expensive contractors for disinfection services.

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