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It’s a given that you travel in your car everywhere, and during the pandemic, doing so can expose you to the coronavirus. The virus is present outside, and if you don’t properly clean your car, it can quickly become a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. It’s also possible that other individuals travelling with you and sharing the car’s interior pass the virus to one another through the surface.

That’s why you need to practice a routine of cleaning and disinfecting your car whenever you travel in it to ensure that it doesn’t become a breeding ground for the coronavirus. To help you out, we will be sharing some of the best practices to keep your vehicle as clean as possible, avoid the risk of coronavirus contamination, and prevent you and your family from developing COVID-19. So, without further ado, here is how to disinfect your car to avoid coronavirus contamination.

1.      Use Electrostatic Sprayers for Disinfecting the Interior

The interior of your car is going to be brimming with germs and other pathogens if you don’t clean and disinfect them regularly. To ensure a uniform and complete disinfection solution, you should use the electrostatic sprayers that will coat all the high-touch surfaces in the car with disinfectant and kill the germs. The high-touch areas that you should focus on include the steering wheel, gear stick, dashboards, door handles, and all the buttons.

You must clean these high-touch areas as frequently as possible so that there is no risk of you catching germs or bacteria. Other high-touch areas in the car that you should be aware of are the door latches, lock buttons, seat belts and buckles, window buttons, mirrors, radio, and climate control buttons.

2.      Sanitize Your Hands

Apart from cleaning and disinfecting the car, you should also practice good hygiene to ensure that you don’t end up contracting COVID-19 when you travel outside. You must always keep a sanitizer handy when driving to the grocery or when buying essential items outside. Try making it a regular practice to sanitize your hands before you step outside or inside your car.

Even if you are wearing gloves, you should remove them and sanitize your hands thoroughly to ensure that there are no germs on them. If you are vigilant about sanitizing your hands, you will not need to worry about spreading germs in your car or carrying them with you inside the house.

3.      Take Extra Care on the Steering Wheel

Did you know that the steering wheel has four times the amount of germs found on an average toilet seat? Yes, it is that disgusting and dirty, which is why it is one of the first things that you should disinfect and clean regularly. You will be touching the steering wheel when driving your car, so make sure that it is extra clean.

You can disinfect the steering wheel with electrostatic sprayers to ensure that there is a uniform coating of disinfectant on top of it. You should also disinfect the controls or buttons for the radio, voice control, cruise control, navigation, and the paddle-shift levers. The turn indicators and the wipers should also be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected to be on the safe side.

4.      Don’t Use Bleach or Hydrogen Peroxide

Bleach is an incredibly strong chemical compound, and it can damage your car’s interior and exterior. Avoid using bleach or hydrogen peroxide when you are disinfecting and cleaning your car. That’s because the strong chemicals found in bleach can easily damage the vinyl and plastic coatings on your car.

You should also avoid ammonia-based cleaners as they will break down the vinyl on your car’s dashboard. Exposure to heat and sunlight makes them sticky, and don’t use this for display screens in your car to avoid damage. So, make sure that any chemicals that you are using inside your car don’t end up damaging the interior as well.

5.      Get into a Routine with Disinfecting Daily

Sometimes you can get into a rut and forget about the simplest things, but you shouldn’t take any risks when travelling in your car during the current pandemic. You don’t want to forget about the cleaning or disinfecting the interior of your vehicle. So make it a priority to clean and disinfect every time that you go out in your car, which should protect you from any threat of coronavirus contamination.

This best practice will ensure that you don’t forget about the cleaning and disinfecting your car and will ensure that you don’t contract coronavirus as well. When you get into a routine, you don’t leave anything to chance and can set a good example for everyone to follow as well.

The Final Word

You will be travelling in your car for every little thing during the pandemic, and it is important that your car is clean and disinfected from all bacteria and pathogens. That will ensure that you don’t face the threat of contracting COVID-19 and can practice good hygiene practices as well.

Most people don’t have any idea on how to properly clean the interior or exterior of their car, and the practices mentioned above will hopefully provide them with some insight on how to disinfect their car to avoid coronavirus contamination.

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