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Watch The Video Below and Learn How One Person Can Single-handedly Disinfect a Whole School in 1 to 2 hours With Our Victory Electrostatic Sprayers

The Industry Leading Non-touch Disinfection System.

See More Videos Showing How Quickly our Electrostatic Sprayers Fully Disinfect all Surfaces Safely. 

How to fully disinfect an entire classroom in 4 minutes

Disinfecting soft play area & sensory room

Disinfecting handrails on large staircase & landing

Our Victory Electrostatic Sprayers and our environmentally friendly TECcare Antimicrobials disinfectant solutions combined are very powerfull tools which will help minimise the transmission pathway of touch in all your school building, making them  safer places for pupils, teachers, staff and all visitors.

Our Victory sprayers offer a non-touch disinfection solution which is the fastest way to fully disinfect all surfaces in any area within a building.

It is a spray and walk away solution, which requires no wiping down. The area sprayed can be back in full use as soon as the disinfectant dries, which normally takes between 5 to 10 minutes. 


About Our Disinfectant chemical solutions

The chemical disinfectants which are specially designed for use in the electrostatic sprayers are called TECcare Antimicrobials. They are water based, with no chlorine, no odour, no bleach, no alcohol, no solvents. They are non-flammable, non-hazardous, non-corrosive, non-toxic and food safe. They do not leave any residue on any surfaces after they dry.

TECcare Antimicrobials are fully compliant with all Irish and EU regulations including REACH, CE, OSHA, COSHH, and are registered on the Biocidal Product Register with the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine with associated CPS numbers (This registration is mandatory for chemicals to be used in Ireland).

TECcare Ultra, the safest, most potent sporicidal disinfectant available, (a kill log of 6, means it kills 99.9999% of all pathogens and viruses) Use once a month for a deep disinfectant treatment on week 1 of 4.

TECcare Control, offers safe and effective single-step cleaning and disinfection for all surfaces in any environment, (a kill log of 4 means it kills 99.99% of all pathogens and viruses). Spray every 7 days for weeks 2, 3, 4. Also very effective for daily spot spraying of all high frequency touch points.


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