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Disinfection and Sanitising Service Meath – Dublin – Louth

Apr 1, 2020

We are providing a disinfection and sanitising service Meath, Dublin and Louth. 

Our disinfection and sanitising service Meath Dublin Louth is designed to provide and help business owners/operators, public service providers and home owners with a fast and effective disinfection and sanitising service which is fast to deploy(70% faster) effective in killing 99.99% of pathogens and cost effective(uses 65% less disinfecting solution) which is also, Eco friendly and safe to use around food and harmless to humans and animals.

As we are all aware, this virus is attacking everybody, it does not discriminate whatsoever, it infects anyone and everyone given half the chance. 

We know that it is spread by touching an infected surface or being exposed to the spray of a cough or sneeze from an infected person.

Once contamination has occurred with the virus, the virus can then enter the body via the mouth or eyes when they are subconsciously touched either with the infected hand or an infected clothing item.

Once the virus enters the body it continues onto its desired destination, your upper respiratory tract and then finally into your lungs where it gets to work making you ill, and in some vulnerable people, even causing death. 

But we are all very aware of these facts through the government’s public information announcements on TV and Radio.

So, how do you avoid contamination with the virus? Social distancing and self isolation significantly reduces the risk. That works for the individual, but how do you ensure that your home, office, workplace is also as safe. 

The only realistic way of ensuring that your space, whether at home or in work, is free from  viruses or pathogens is to carry out a complete disinfection and sanitisation of that space. That task is fine if you live in a small apartment or if you work in a small office or small workshop on your own. 

But, what if you have a large home with a large family, or you share your office workspace with other colleagues, or you work in a supermarket or hotel with many customers visiting or passing through the premises all day. 

In these spaces carrying out a complete disinfection and sanitisation of the space becomes a major task, which will take up a lot of time, cleaning fluids, disinfectant, and human resources when using outdated conventional methods.

Conventional methods typically involve handheld bottles of disinfectant spray and cloths. 

These methods have proved to be an incomplete and unsatisfactory way of completely disinfecting and sanitising a space, the proof of this is the continued reoccurance of the MRSA bug in hospitals. Which in most cases are constantly being cleaned using conventional disinfection and sanitising methods.

The New Quickest And Most Effective Method of Disinfecting and Sanitising Any Space Big Or Small Has Arrived in Meath – Dublin and Louth

At Infection Prevention Ireland we are a Meath based company that has introduced the latest technology available which completely disinfects and sanitises any space 70% faster and uses 65% less disinfectant solutions.

Our company uses electrostatic sprayers which electrically charge the disinfectant spray droplets within the sprayer. This causes them to be positively charged when sprayed and stick to any surface the spray is pointed at. 

The disinfectant droplets spread around all objects, covering front, back and sides of exposed areas, forming a 3D protective layer which kills 99.99% of all pathogens including MRSA and C Diff.

The spray disinfects all surfaces both hard and soft, including floor coverings, chair soft coverings, curtails, clothing etc.

The surfaces and objects can remain protected from these pathogens from 7 to 28 days depending on the disinfection protocol being put in place.

If you are an employer in Meath, Dublin or Louth who is currently still operating in business and your staff are sharing their work spaces, or if you have a retail shop or other premises where customers visit on a daily basis, then you have a duty of care to your employees and customers to provide as safe as possible an environment which is  free from dangerous pathogens and viruses. 

Employers who are implementing a disinfection and sanitising protocol in those circumstances and who are using old outdated and ineffective methods are spending too much time and money trying to make sure that the environment they are responsible for are as safe as possible.

The disinfection and sanitising protocol provided by Infection Prevention Ireland can save employers and homeowners more time and money, but more importantly it makes the spaces they are responsible for safer from infection from viruses & pathogens for their employees, customers, service users and family.

All of this can be achieved by using the infection and sanitising protocol from Infection Prevention Ireland which is 70% faster to do and uses on average 65% less disinfectant solution.  


Glebe Lane, Ratoath, Co.Meath






Glebe Lane, Ratoath, Co.Meath

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