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Best and Fastest Way to Disinfect and Sanitise Office Space

May 22, 2020

Best and Fastest Way to Disinfect and Sanitise Office Space


Staff safety in the workplace is one of the top priority for great employers, staff health and safety is a continuous responsibility and requires regular reviews and assessments to ensure that all possible precautions are taken to protect the staff from risks to their health and wellbeing.

More recently, the current pandemic that is the Coronavirus Covid-19 has created a whole world of additional risk to the health of everyone. How this impacts on business and industry as a whole has yet to be seen. It is safe to say that the old way of how society looks at and reacts to viruses and pathogens is long gone, we are living in a new age where infection control and prevention is now one of the top priorities for everyone, including employers.

Health authorities all over the world are rewriting the handbook on infection prevention and control, with the emphasis on prevention of the spread by cross contamination from person to person in public and in the workplace.

Social Distancing

Social distancing is a new phrase we have all become familiar with and experience on a daily basis. We all now know that it is a vital part of the fight to stop the spread of dangerous viruses and pathogens.

We all have to adapt to a new way of living and working in this strange new society created by the Covid-19 threat to our nation’s health.

We are all responsible for following and taking the measures to minimise contamination risks in our own daily lives as outlined by the medical professionals and the HSE.

But when it comes to the workplace like the office environment, that responsibility is shared and extended to the employer.

Social distancing can be catered for by the management of the working space. Protecting that workplace from the threat of cross contamination becomes a whole new set of challenges to the employer. Prevention is better than a cure, so it is beholding on the employer to take all necessary steps to implement an effective cleaning and disinfection protocol which protects everybody who enters their premises or workspace.

Options To Implement a Cleaning and Disinfection Protocol

So what are the crucial elements of a cleaning and disinfection protocol, which suppresses the cross contamination threat and eliminates the touch transmission pathway, but also creates a safe, clean and green environment for all who occupy the office space or workspace.

Firstly, we all accept that continuous measures are necessary to curb the cross contamination threat from viruses, so we have to accustom ourselves to the regular activities of essential disinfection services being carried out on a regular basis.

So, what disinfection methods are the least intrusive in our working environment, yet very effective at killing pathogens like the Coronavirus Covid-19.

What are the options? and what is involved?

Hand Spraying and Wiping Down

Hand spraying and wiping down every surface. This old outdated method of infection prevention and control is the least effective method and most costly and time consuming method of disinfecting and sanitising any work area or space. It is wholly reliant on the people who are carrying out the disinfecting to be extremely methodical and dedicated to covering every exposed area that can accomodate the existence of pathogens.

A major issue with this method is that, for most disinfectants to work correctly they have to be sprayed on and then left for several minutes before being wiped down, so as to give the disinfectant time to do its job, in reality this procedure is rarely followed correctly, therefore reducing the disinfection effectiveness of the chemical disinfectant being used. This method is also prone to increasing cross contamination and the spreading of any existing pathogens present.


Fogging the workplace. Fogging the workplace is an effective disinfection method and works.

However its regular application is time and labour intensive and disruptive to the working environment, which means its expensive.

So what is involved in the Fogging process?

Step one, the whole area has to be vacated by everyone, (not an issue if done at night when the office is empty). Step two, the area has to be sealed up to prevent leakage of the fogging agent into other areas. This can be very time consuming. The fogging procedure can take upto a couple of hours depending on the size of the area. Then the area has to be fully vented, to ensure that none of the fogging agents remains in the space.

Electrostatic Spraying Disinfecting Office Space

Electrostatic Disinfectant Spraying is the latest technology and the new standard in infection control and prevention.

Electrostatic disinfection and sanitisation of an office space of any size can be carried out in a fraction of the time it takes to carrying out a fogging application or hand spraying and wiping down the space and everything in it.

The science of the electrostatic spraying enables the eco friendly chemical disinfectant to be applied as an atomised mist positively charged which causes it to wrap around, stick and envelop all surfaces, both hard and soft which kills 99.9999% of pathogens.

It then leaves a protective coating on every surface, making that surface hostile to all pathogens, therefore preventing them from living and growing there and stopping any possible cross contamination by touch with viruses and pathogens.

Electrostatic disinfectant spraying is a non touch technology, which means it’s a spray and walk away procedure. It does not require any wiping down, which prevents the possibility of cross contamination during the disinfection procedure, it dries in 10 minutes after which the work space can be reoccupied and work can continue as normal.

When the chemical disinfectant is eco friendly, human and animal safe and water based, it can become a green healthy work environment, if the correct cleaning and disinfection protocol is followed.

Protecting staff from cross contamination from viruses and pathogens in the workplace and giving them the peace of mind that their workplace is a safe place to work in, is a massive plus for any employer and their staff.

Added to that, if the possibility of staff bringing any harmful viruses or pathogens home from the workplace is greatly reduced by the employer taking a proactive approach to their safety, then employees will have a reduced worry and anxiety about being infected by a virus at work. This will have a positive impact on staff absenteeism and their general good mental and physical health.

If you have an office building or office space and you want it professionally disinfected and sanitised to the highest standards using the latest technology then please contact Infection Prevention Ireland and we will help you achieve all your sanitisation and disinfection goals giving you and your staff a safer and greener environment to work in. You can also contact us directly by calling 087 243 0608 or 085 285 6880.

Another affordable solution is to purchase our Victory electrostatic sprayers and associated environmentally friendly chemical disinfectant and have your cleaning staff carry out the regular disinfection themselves.

The sprayers are extremely easy to use and we have online video tutorials which they can refer to as part of their training or if they have any questions they need answering in relation to the sprayers or the chemical disinfectants.

Our disinfectants are all water based and have no chlorine, no odour, no bleach, no alcohol, no solvents, they are non flammable, non hazardous, non corrosive and non toxic, they are food safe and people safe.

They conform to and are fully compliant with REACH & CE





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